What is Midge Magic?

Our Midge Magic™ repellent will help to protect you from the dreaded midge without the use of DEET or any other chemicals. Available as either a lotion or a spray.

Midge Magic™’s main active ingredient is Citrepel, a version of PMD derived from lemon eucalyptus. (PMD is the single most effective natural insect repellent). We also include small amounts of traditional repellents Bog Myrtle Oil, and Lemongrass Oil. We mix these three active ingredients with natural skin lotion and grape seed oil, which are both good for your skin. Midge Magic™ will let you enjoy the outdoors without midge bites, and keep your skin feeling soft.

Active Ingredient:

Naturally-sourced Eucalyptus Citriodora Rich Botanic Oil, a powerful insect repellent containing high levels of PMD, the single most effective repellent found in nature.

Additional Ingredients:

Natural skin lotion, grapeseed oil, bog myrtle essential oil, lemongrass essential oil. The following occur naturally in the essential oils in this product – listed here in case of allergies: myrcene, citronellal, geranyl acetate, nerol, limonene, citral.

Midge Magic Candles

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Our Midge Magic candles follow our desires to keep biting so-and-so’s away without using DEET or artificial chemicals.

Our repellent candles use the same active ingredient as our sprays and lotions, Citrepel, a PMD derived from Lemon Eucalyptus. They also include small amounts of Bog Myrtle and Lemongrass essential oils.
Working with the Isle of Lewis candle company, we’ve come up with a repellent candle that is handmade from natural ingredients, and will still help keep the dreaded midge away from your picnics.

About Midges / Midgies

For more detailed information about Scottish midgies, please check the following:

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Midges are tiny flying insects with a wingspan of up to 3mm. There are around 30 species of midge in Scotland, but only the females of one species (Culicoides Impunctatus) are known to bite. Unfortunately, there are billions of them around.

Midges bite to obtain a blood meal which massively enhances the number eggs they are able to lay. They seek out this blood meal by following carbon dioxide trails caused by mammals breathing – we are mammals and make just lovely targets !  Midge Magic works by confusing their direction-finding and means they don’t find you.

Midge bites themselves are not dangerous or painful - what causes the intense irritation is our body’s slightly delayed immune response to the bites, and it is almost impossible to resist scratching midge bites once bitten.

Midges are most active in low-light periods of the day, when there is little or no wind, but even on sunny days you can find them swarming in sheltered shady spots. Midges normally emerge in early May, and are prevalent until September, but with the changing climate it’s quite common for midges to start appearing in mid April, and still be seen early October.

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